JFD offers smoke detectors, advice for cold weather


JONESBORO, Ark. – The holiday season is also fire hazard season, and Jonesboro Fire Department wants our residents to be extra careful during this period of inflated fire risk.

Christmas trees, ornaments, packages and cooking all increase the hazard risk, but Fire Chief Kevin Miller said the cold weather that comes as fall gives way to winter leads to an increase in house fires.

“We have Christmas fires, but most fires this time of year are related to heating,” Miller said. “Fireplaces, space heaters, short circuits that happen when too many electrical devices are plugged in – these are common causes of fire.

“People are going to find a way to stay warm, and they can get a little creative sometimes.”

Miller also warned of the danger in warming up a car before getting in it. “If your car is in a garage, the carbon monoxide can build up and do damage quicker than you might think. So don’t start your car inside a closed garage,” he said.

One of the best services offered by JFD is free smoke detectors. The City of Jonesboro acquired grant funding to provide smoke detectors in any home. The detector must be installed by JFD firefighters, so they must be delivered and installed by JFD officials. Call 870-932-2428 to make an appointment.

The service is offered solely to residents of Jonesboro, so you must live within the city limits. JFD also will inspect current detectors for those who call the same number.


Press Release – City of Jonesboro

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