Parole search yields meth, two arrests

JONESBORO, Ark. – A couple was arrested during a parole search after meth was found in their home, the report said.

The Craighead County Sheriff’s Department incident report says a parolee, Steven W. Poe, 52, of Jonesboro, had a felony arrest warrant. Authorities were serving the warrant around 4 p.m. Wednesday evening at his home at 3529 Barbara Ann Street.

When they arrived, they also made contact with his wife, Teresa Kay Poe, 45, of Jonesboro. Deputy Bobby Swan noted in his report Teresa was “talking at a fast pace and she was constantly moving.”

“Teresa appeared to be very nervous about deputies being at her residence,” Swan noted.

However, she said there “should not be” anything illegal inside. In addition to conditions of Steven’s parole, allowing a search, the couple both gave permission for authorities to search their home.

Swan proceeded to search the couple’s bedroom, the report states, searching a dresser to the right of the bed. While searching the dressers, he noted Teresa “became very nervous and began pacing the room.”

“Teresa would walk out of the room several times and I kept having to ask her to stay in the room while I searched,” Swan reported.

When the officer opened a drawer to the dresser, he found a box of jewelry. Inside of it, he found a clear plastic baggy containing meth. The woman then claimed it was not hers or Steven’s and that she found it. She actually blamed her daughter, saying she believed it belonged to her.

Both Teresa and Steven were placed under arrest.

“While transporting Teresa to the Craighead County Detention Center, she kept begging me not to arrest her,” Swan said in the report. “Teresa stated that she knows she was in the wrong for bringing the narcotic into her home.”

Teresa was charged with felony possession of meth while Steven was arrested for his felony warrant.

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