Ambulance and cement truck involved in accident

JONESBORO, Ark. – An ambulance was struck by another vehicle Tuesday morning in Jonesboro.

The photo, sent to NEA Report by an anonymous reader, shows a Medic One ambulance with the left rear quarter smashed up, possibly by the cement truck also parked on the shoulder of the road slightly ahead. We are told another cement truck was parked behind the ambulance.

The reader said it happened on U.S. 49, just past the Farville Curve between Jonesboro and Brookland.

An employee at Medic One did confirm they had dispatched another ambulance to the scene, but could not confirm anyone’s status or if any injuries were sustained.

We will effort to update this story with more information.

Photo submitted by an anonymous reader

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  1. What’s left of the ambulance is for sale at Baskin Truck Sales in Covington, Tn if anyone is interested in patching it up…

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