Issue 7 (Medical Cannabis) ruled invalid by Ark. court

JONESBORO, Ark. – One of the medical marijuana efforts in the Natural State has hit a ‘stoned’ wall.

With thousands already having early voted in Craighead County alone, the Arkansas Supreme Court has cast a superceding vote of “No” on Issue 7, or more specifically, ruled it invalid due to bad canvassers and invalid signatures, according to George Jared with 

In a 5-2 ruling, the court disqualified the measure, throwing out thousands of signatures because they were signed to an address of a P.O. Box and not a physical street address.

Over 67,000 signatures were required but the latest efforts by the court disqualified over 12,000, dropping the signature total to above 65,000 – a few thousand short.

Issue 7 will still appear on the ballot but votes will not count for the measure. However, issue 6, which allows for-profit dispensaries, is still up for a vote.

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  1. Vote yes ANYWAY!!! We are FIGHTING! Hearing requested! There is a law that says they can’t do this once voting has started! They BETTER count these votes!! #countthevotesforIssue7

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