Craighead County shooting range vandalized

BONO, Ark. – A shooting range at Bono became a target for destructive acts by a criminal or criminals recently.

Delinquents hit the Jonesboro Practical Pistol Shooters (JPPS) range, 172 Craighead County Road 361, sometime between Oct. 8 and Tuesday, Oct. 18.

Two wooden tables had writing on them, a green trash can had been set on fire and a wooden chair had also been set on fire, according to the report with Craighead County Sheriff’s Department. Photos indicate the suspect or suspects simply wanted to cause damage to the club in a targeted manner.

President of JPPS, Ben Blankenship, also seemed to believe the vandalism was an alternative for the suspect to communication.

“We as a club, that holds regular monthly USPSA sanctioned local pistol matches, do 14800941_10211601981784236_294276417_neverything in our power to observe all USPSA competition rules as well as making sure the physical layout of the courses used in our matches keeps all surrounding geographic areas as safe as possible,” Blankenship said. “Basically, looking out for our neighbors is a major priority for JPPS. It’s sad that some people won’t use the open channels of communication to resolve issues but instead result to vandalization that’s tantamount to being a hate crime. Luckily the damage was manageable. But the fact that they (the vandals) set some of our equipment on fire is extremely irresponsible and could’ve caused widespread fire damage considering how dry it’s been locally. All regularly scheduled activities at the range will continue as planned.”

Craighead County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the case.


Photos submitted by Ben Blankenship

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