Woman loses thousands in moneygram scam

JONESBORO, Ark. – A local woman thought she had found a way to make an easy $300 but she ended up potentially costing herself almost $6,000.

The police report was filed at 10 a.m. Monday morning at Jonesboro Police Department, 1001 South Caraway Road. A woman, 25, said two weeks ago, she had signed up for a secret shopper job online. The gig promised to pay her with two checks, which she then would cash, and wire most of the money back.

The problem is, the checks were fake.

Unfortunately, the report states she did not know until after sending the two moneygrams off – one to Kraig Frazier, 623 Patton Rd. Somerset TX, 78069 and the second was to Franklin Woods, 306 Jaqueline Cibolo, TX, 78108.

After both were sent, the bank called her to tell her the checks were fakes and her account was now overdrawn.

The bank told her to contact JPD but after reviewing the report, Detective Vic Brooks wrote there was nothing the department could do.

“Upon review of the case, it was quickly realized that this is clearly a case of a scam that this department has dealt with over the years from outside of this agency’s jurisdiction,” Brooks wrote. “This agency has over the years made the public aware of this particular scam along with others through the source of media outlets on numerous occasions. This is between the bank and the complainant for any type of resolution.”

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