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JONESBORO – Concluding a campus process that began some weeks ago, the newly formed college that includes academic departments in fine arts, humanities, social sciences, media and communication now has a name, pending formal approval by the Board of Trustees.

The name will be “College of Liberal Arts and Communication.”  Dr. Carl M. Cates, dean, announced the name to faculty, staff and guests at the college’s tailgate event prior to the Homecoming game today.

“I recognize this is important to all members of the college,” Cates said.  “I appreciate the assistance and support of the department heads, faculty, staff, students and alumni in this process.”

The selection process included two open response periods, with the first being an open call for suggestions and the second a call for ranking.  “Liberal Arts and Communication” drew the greatest support.

Cates thanked Dr. William McLean, associate professor of political science, for managing the survey tools and confirming the summary results of the ranking survey, and also thanked the selection review committee, which was composed of faculty from every department and representation from staff, students and alumni.

The committee included faculty members Dr. Richard Burns (English, Philosophy And World Languages), Joe Ford (Art And Design), Dr. Bruce Faske (Music), Dr. Cherisse Jones Branch (History), Jeff McLaughlin (Theatre), Dr. Lillie Fears (Media), Shaina Nicholson (Communication Studies), Dr. Richard Wang (Political Science), and Dr. Mary Donaghy (Criminology, Sociology and Geography).  Students Emma Watkins, Ryan Smith and Bethany Gallimore along with alumni Charlotte (Chucki) Bradbury, Bill Evans and Steven Rockwell also participated, as well as staff member Beth Robison.

The committee reviewed suggestions from the public then narrowed the list to five possible names for ranking. The ranking process, in which more than 500 people participated, resulted in 58.2% responding to the option of “Liberal Arts and Communication” as their first or second choice.

This result, along with the second-ranked suggestion (Arts and Humanities) was forwarded to the department and unit heads based on the response from the committee. Seven supported CLAC, two supported sending both, two supported CAH, three supported neither, and one wanted to continue the temporary name of Liberal Arts.

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