ASU employees hit by phishing scheme

JONESBORO, Ark. – Arkansas State University employees are being hit by crooks in an apparent phishing scheme, according to the university.

ASU employees began reporting discrepancies in their payroll Thursday and Friday, prompting the university to urge all employees to check their direct deposit statements and accounts.

The ASU website stated several employees became victims of an email phishing scheme that led to breaches in their personal banner accounts. This allowed individuals to redirect their direct deposit.

A-State’s communications director, Dr. Bill Smith, said no more than 10 employees had been impacted.

University Police Department is in contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  A-State IT Services is also participating in the investigation.

The university is urging employees to check their statements and if questions or discrepancies arise in the Sept. 15 payroll, to contact Katrina Watson or Lynette Gatewood at 870-972-3454 or email

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