Greene Co. standoff ends in a fight

LIGHT, Ark. – While the heat blasted the shoulders and the necks of law enforcement officers, they pleaded with a man to come out and give himself up peacefully.

It wasn’t the outcome officers would get on the hot September Tuesday but they did resolve the standoff without any loss of life.

Officers arrived in rural Greene County Tuesday to serve Scott Callahan with a warrant. The man’s home, perimetered with nine security cameras, became the scene of a standoff after Callahan gave officers the indication he was ready to fight.

Greene County Sheriff David Carter said a fight was exactly what Callahan gave officers, physically struggling the entire time until his last breath of energy was exerted. Carter said the man was reaching for officers’ guns as they apprehended him and he showed an unnatural strength, likely from ingesting drugs, according to the sheriff.

Officers filled the man’s home with “OC spray,” a crowd-control chemical burning the eyes and skin of those coming into contact with it. Following the incident, law enforcement officers had to work to rinse the compound from their eyes and skin.

Callahan was transported by ambulance from the scene with officers

Arkansas State Police, Craighead County Sheriff’s Department and the Greene County Sheriff’s Department were involved in the rural incident.

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