Suspected shoplifter gives self away by sprinting from scene

JONESBORO, Ark. – While Jonesboro police officers were headed down Caraway Road early Tuesday, a man running in full sprint caught their attention and with good reason.

The man was a suspected shoplifter.

JPD Officer Jacob Daffron and Officer Aasin Lester were traveling down South Caraway Road shortly before 3 a.m. Tuesday morning when they noticed a man, Octavius McGuire, 19, homeless per the report, running at “full sprint” to the east in the Salsa’s parking lot, 2240 South Caraway Road. Officers knew something was amiss and followed the man, who tried hiding according to the incident report.

When hiding didn’t work, the suspect continued running. Daffron and Lester pursued the man on foot into the Motel 6 parking lot, 2300 South Caraway Road. They caught the man there, ordering him onto the ground and handcuffing him. Once the man was in custody, officers began to figure out why he had been running.

Daffron located two black folding knives in his belt, a can of Mace pepper spray in his sock, a can of Axe hair gel, a phone charger,a black HTC cell phone, his wallet, a black Ihome charging bank, and a cell phone charger. When Officer Lester pressed McGuire, he admitted to dropping a BB-gun pistol during the pursuit in the Salsa’s parking lot. The gun appeared to look like a stainless steel revolver.

Officers asked the man why he ran. According to the report, he said he ran “because someone was going to hurt him in Walmart.” He expounded on this while being taken to jail, stating, “he stole the items to protect himself from someone named “D” who he knew from years ago.”

The officers requested other units visit Walmart on Highland Drive and loss prevention staff there determined the man had taken the items from their store.

McGuire faces misdemeanor charges of fleeing and shoplifting.

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