Jonesboro man's property found before he knew it was stolen

JONESBORO, Ark. — When a reporter contacted a Jonesboro man about reports of stolen property, he had no idea the item was missing.

A small safe was discovered on Tuesday evening underneath the bridge located at Prospect and Kathleen Road by some neighborhood kids on an evening snake hunt. Jonesboro police were called to investigate and the safe was recovered, still wet, with obvious damage done, according to the incident report.

Police found several documents still including a social security card and the name and address of a P.O Box belonging to a Jonesboro man. At the time, police were unable to find a listing of the man in their database and no items matching the safe’s description had been reported stolen.

When NEA Report contacted the victim about the property reported to be owned by him, he realized for the first time his safe was missing from the backseat of his car. The man said it was something he would never move.

Although he wasn’t positive when the property could have been stolen, he said he remembered feeling like something was off one day recently, when getting into his car.

Other than the social security card, the victim said nothing of value was in the safe and it could have been easily broken into if someone didn’t have the key or combination. He was not sure if anything was missing at the time of this report and said he intends to follow-up with the police to learn more.

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