Huffstetler suspended for two weeks for Tweet

Press Release, Bill Campbell, City of Jonesboro

Jonesboro Parks and Recreation Director Wixson Huffstetler has been suspended without pay for two weeks because of a racially insensitive “Tweet” sent out on his personal Twitter account, Mayor Harold Perrin announced Wednesday, citing city policy.

The suspension is effective immediately. Huffstetler also will be required to attend sensitivity training classes.

Source: City of Jonesboro

The city’s personal conduct policy prohibits “conduct of any nature adversely affecting the City’s best interests and reputation.”

“We have reviewed, and are continuing to review, this situation,” Perrin said. “As I said yesterday, it contradicts what we stand for, which is a Jonesboro that serves all citizens equally.”

Huffstetler said he accepts the disciplinary measure and apologized again Wednesday.

“I love my job serving all youth in Jonesboro’s parks and rec department,” Huffstetler said. “And I hope to rebuild any lost confidence in me.”

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  1. I have a simple solution…why wasn’t he just terminated from employment? If a black man had made similar comments regarding some sort of protest involving white ppl, believe me, that black man would’ve lost his job! It’s amazing 2 me that a lot of ppl just don’t get it…they just don’t get it! Racism is alive & well ppl & it’s everywhere u turn! Sadly, even within our own positions held by taxpayer’s money. This man should’ve been terminated immediately, no questions asked. Why he wasn’t, is simply another systemic problem with racism being rampant in our country. What he said doesn’t represent the way I as a taxpayer feel, that’s for sure! And it shouldn’t represent the way ANY of those holding similar positions feel. But, obviously there sure is a whole lot of work left to be done around here when it comes 2 racism. And I’m willing to bet he makes sure he sits on that pew every Sunday morning like a good little Christian should. Think about that.

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