Juveniles break into school, forget about security cameras

JONESBORO, Ark. – If you plan to break into a school in the middle of the night, you might want to make sure you aren’t being recorded the entire time.

Jonesboro police officer Josh Landreth made contact Monday with Annie Camp Junior High School Principal William Cheatham in reference to a burglary, first discovered Friday, July 8. Officers reviewed security camera footage with the principal and noted observing a black male, white male, and white female, all juveniles, approach the back of the school Thursday night, July 7.

According to the incident report, the Landreth witnessed the three busting the window with some type of long pipe and entering the school. 

“The three suspects can be seen clearly by cameras inside the school,” Landreth wrote in the report. “They spent approximately thirty minutes inside the school wandering around, going into rooms that were left unsecured.”

The trio reportedly entered the library and left carrying several books. They were seen carrying property throughout the building and were observed leaving with property they did not enter the school with.

Not content with one trip, the trio returned Saturday night, July 9, according to the incident report. “The same three suspects” once again entered the school through the door used previously Thursday. This time, however, two more suspects joined the three. The five spent several hours in the school, entering and exiting the teacher’s lounge, eating and drinking food. They also took wheelchairs out of the nurse’s office and, according to the report, used them to travel around the school.

The majority of the suspects have already been identified by police, who continue their investigation into identifying the remainder. While the kids may have thought it was harmless fun, they could face felony commercial burglary charges, along with theft and criminal mischief charges.

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