Police Arrest Woman with Over 10 Grams of ‘Hidden’ Meth In Traffic Stop

JONESBORO, Ark. – A late-night traffic stop for no insurance led to the arrest of two individuals on charges, including possession with intent to deliver, this week in Jonesboro.

Officer Jacob Lowry, patrolling around 1 AM on November 7, was heading east on Phillips near Waffle House when a black Jeep pulled out in front of him, lacking insurance according to plate checks. The officer initiated a traffic stop in the 3000-block of Apache Drive and made contact with three occupants in the vehicle.

The officers performed what can only be described as a thorough investigation at the scene. The report says that officers found 13.17 grams of a white crystal substance suspected to be methamphetamine inside a body cavity of the female driver. 3.89 more grams, along with various pills, were found in her bra. Police also located a small amount of suspected meth in the floorboard area near the front-seat passenger. Small amounts of marijuana were also logged into evidence.

The driver, identified as Erica Lynn Frymire, 36, of Trumann, faces charges including possession of meth or cocaine greater than 10 grams, possession of a schedule I or II substance, possession of a schedule IV or V substance, and possession of a schedule VI substance, all with the intent to deliver. She also faces other charges, including no proof of insurance. Jail records show she is being held on a $100,000 bond.

The front-seat passenger, Joshua Luismartir Hernandez, 36, of Colt, Ark., is charged with possession of meth or cocaine less than 2 grams.

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