Jonesboro Police Arrest Multiple Individuals with Warrants Over the Weekend

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – While many arrests by Jonesboro officers come as a result of an alleged crime, a summary of the police reports from over the weekend shows just how much time police spend making warrant arrests.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in court, as always.

  1. Vincent Andrew Herrera’s Arrest: A person was arrested with an out-of-town warrant from Mississippi County after 10 AM on September 22 at the 1200-block of Lakewood Drive. Vincent Andrew Herrera, 35, of Jonesboro, was arrested.
  2. Terry Lee Rean’s Arrest: A traffic stop for expired registration and no liability insurance led to another arrest for an out-of-town warrant, among other charges, after 11 AM on September 22. Near the intersection of Alfred Watkins and Pineview Street, Terry Lee Rean, 31, of Jonesboro, was arrested with an out-of-town warrant, in addition to charges for failing to register, driving with a canceled license, and no insurance.
  3. Daniele O. Clark’s Arrest: Between 10 AM and 2 PM on September 22 at the 1600-block of French Street, Daniele O. Clark, 36, was arrested for an outstanding felony warrant.
  4. Kristie Lea Richman’s Arrest: Later in the day, between 4:35 and 5:55 PM at the 5500-block of South Stadium Boulevard, Kristie Lea Richman, 33, of Harrisburg, was arrested with an out-of-town failure to appear warrant.
  5. Shane Basham’s Arrest: Around 8 PM on September 22 near Aggie and Allis Street, police responded to a report of a fight and arrested a man with a warrant. Shane Basham, 30, was arrested for a felony bench warrant, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.
  6. Danny Joe Wayne Wade’s Arrest: Just before midnight on September 22 near the 4700-block of Samantha Avenue, police responded to a domestic disturbance call and arrested Danny Joe Wayne Wade, 29, with a felony warrant.
  7. Chadarius Cortez Johnson’s Arrest: Around 4:30 AM on September 23 near the 2200-block of East Johnson Avenue, Chadarius Cortez Johnson, 28, of Jonesboro, was arrested on a felony bench warrant, a failure to appear warrant, and misdemeanor possession charges.
  8. Johnny Richey’s Arrest: A suspect who allegedly fled from an officer on September 11 encountered the same officer at the NEA District Fair on September 23 and was arrested. Johnny Richey, 47, of Jonesboro, was arrested on an out-of-town warrant, a failure to appear warrant, and for fleeing and no seat belt use from the alleged incident earlier this month.
  9. Ozzy Dakotalee Barnes and David M. Smith’s Arrests: Suspects allegedly in possession of meth were arrested around 7:30 PM on September 23 at the 2200-block of East Nettleton Avenue. Ozzy Dakotalee Barnes, 21, of Harrisburg, and David M. Smith, 35, of Harrisburg, were arrested for felony possession and warrants.
  10. Chynna Brown’s Arrest: A traffic stop around 11 PM on September 23 near E. Johnson Avenue and Scott Street resulted in a warrant arrest for failure to appear. Chynna Brown, 53, of Memphis, TN, was arrested.
  11. Leticia N. Willis’s Arrest: Within the same time frame, another warrant arrest happened near E. Johnson and Melrose Street. Leticia N. Willis, 35, of Jonesboro, was arrested on a warrant for contempt of court – failure to pay fines.
  12. Regan Kline Lawson’s Arrest: A man with a felony bench warrant was arrested after an unwanted guest call around 12:41 AM on September 24 near the 100-block of State Street. Regan Kline Lawson, 20, was arrested for felony possession of meth, a felony warrant, and misdemeanor harassment.
  13. Jaimee Laroya Williams’s Arrest: Jaimee Laroya Williams, 28, of Jonesboro, was arrested on a failure to appear warrant around 12:45 AM on September 24 near Cate and Vandyne Street.
  14. Tededrian Donzea James Bonner’s Arrest: Between 3:14 PM and 4:14 PM on September 24 near the 5000-block of Prospect Trail, Tededrian Donzea James Bonner, 27, was arrested on a warrant for failure to appear.
  15. Ronnie Lee Miles and Ashley Dawn Mcpherson’s Arrests: Around 10 PM on September 24 near Nisbett and W. Huntington Avenue, two warrant arrests were made: Ronnie Lee Miles, 45, of Jonesboro, and Ashley Dawn Mcpherson, 36, of Tyronza.
  16. Carolyn Rena Halbert’s Arrest: Around 10:40 PM on September 24 near Spruce and Warren Street, Carolyn Rena Halbert, 29, was arrested for failure to appear.
  17. Christopher Edward Madison’s Arrest: After 11 PM on September 24 near Washington and I-555, Christopher Edward Madison, 24, of Cash, was arrested for failure to appear.
  18. Diana Maria Garrison’s Arrest: Police served a cite and release warrant around 12:19 AM on September 25 to Diana Maria Garrison, 51, of Bono, near the 2200-block of Fair Park Boulevard. The warrant was for a probation violation.
  19. Larry Donell Lee’s Arrest: A man was found to have a probation revocation and out-of-town warrants and arrested early September 25 near Belt and Bridge Street. Larry Donell Lee, 20, of Blytheville, was arrested.

These arrests highlight the diligent efforts of Jonesboro police officers in apprehending individuals with outstanding warrants.

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