Package Theft Incident Raises Concerns of Possible Series of Thefts in Jonesboro Neighborhood

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

Two packages were reported stolen in a police report, indicating a potential string of thefts in the area.

The incident was reported on June 16. According to the police report, two packages were stolen from the mailbox of a Jonesboro resident located in the 3900-block of Saddlecrest Drive. A security camera captured footage of two African American males walking in front of the house. One of them paused and returned to the mailbox for several seconds, suggesting that the theft occurred at that moment. The report further mentioned that the two suspects were part of a larger group of four to six males frequently seen walking around the neighborhood throughout the day. Although the victim experienced this incident for the first time, he speculated that others in the area might have also been targeted by the same individuals.

The stolen items, valued at $50 or less, included a package containing children’s earrings. Despite the low value of the items, stealing property from a postal package is considered a felony offense.

At present, the case has been marked as inactive, but authorities may reopen it if new information emerges regarding the incident.


  1. My package was stolen from saddlecrest drive 3957 was worth $100 and my camera also captured two African American males stealing the package

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