Man Dies in Poinsett County Jail; Arkansas State Police to Review Case

Poinsett County Jail

A man died in Poinsett County Jail on Tuesday, the sheriff confirmed.

Joshua Chase Moore, a 19-year-old resident of Harrisburg, passed away on June 13, 2023, while being held at Poinsett County Jail. Sheriff Kevin Molder confirmed the incident to NEA Report and stated that foul play is not suspected in Moore’s death.

Following standard protocol for in-custody deaths, Sheriff Molder has requested the assistance of the Arkansas State Police to review the case and provide an independent investigation.

According to online records, Moore had been in custody since May 19 on charges that included aggravated assault, fleeing, and a bench warrant. Further details regarding the circumstances surrounding Moore’s death have not been disclosed at this time.

Thursday morning, Arkansas Department of Public Safety Communications Director Cindy Murphy confirmed to NEA Report that ASP has an open investigation into the death.


  1. Need to also investigate the death of Jordan Woodard, who died in there April 1st, 2023.

    • I hope the truth is discovered for the woodruff family and my family Jordan and Josh were friends and both passed away at the jail in the same manor

    • Mary there is a law suit against the jail I think the jail should be responsible for both Jordan and Josh

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