Suspects waving guns at gas station arrested

JONESBORO, Ark. – A report involving three suspects allegedly waving guns in the air at gas pumps ended with three arrests early Sunday in Jonesboro.

It began around 2:50 AM on April 23, the report states. Numerous officers responded to the 2300-block of South Caraway Road. Officer Zachary Hobbs noted he was sent to assist with the incident which was a report of three young men waving guns in the air at gas pumps. Although most of the report remains masked while police complete the investigation, three people being arrested.

David Lee Pinson, 22, of Forrest City; Derick Dekarian Randle, 22, of Forrest City; and Tavlan Roberts, 23, of Caraway were all arrested.

Two Glock pistols and a Draco pistol were logged into evidence, along with scales, baggies, and numerous types of ammunition.

Charges include simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, a felony, and possession of drugs with the purpose to deliver, a felony. A misdemeanor for drug paraphernalia was also added and the report said at least one of the suspect’s had an out of town warrant.

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