Thousands in property reported stolen from family during burglary

JONESBORO, Ark. – A Jonesboro family was burglarized and had thousands in property stolen this week.

Police took the report on December 27 at the 3900-block of Saddlecrest Drive. At about 5:52 PM, the family had left the home. At about 7:20 PM, they returned and in that time, a suspect or suspects broke into the home. It appeared that the criminal gained entry through a window and then unlocked the back door to leave.

Two TVs, two Nintendo Switch’s, a wedding band, an engagement ring, a class ring, a laptop, an iPad, an Apple Pencil, and various other items were taken. In total, the stolen property was valued around $5,500 by the victim.

The victim was able to show police where the iPad was pinging – near two homes at the 3800-block of Churchill. But the accuracy was questionable since the battery was almost dead, police noted. Authorities weren’t able to make contact with anyone at either location.

The following morning, on December 28, the case was reviewed and listed as inactive until more suspect information develops.

Anyone with any information about this incident may submit a tip online to police here.


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