Multiple burglaries reported recently in Jonesboro

Jonesboro, Ark. – Several instances of criminals breaking into buildings and stealing items have left multiple homeowners victims in Jonesboro.

One such incident was reported on December 1 at the 2800-block of Stallings Lane. The report says a 10-year-old called police to report the burglary, where a woman allegedly stole an air fryer from the home. Few other details were visible in the report.

Between 7:50 AM and 11:45 AM on December 1, a burglary was reported at the 600-block of Warren Street. There, a suspect entered the residence and used a prying tool to open a safe, in addition to pilfering through rooms and cabinets. A Sony PlayStation 4 along with a wrapped present (they’re not sure what was inside) was stolen.

Another burglary was reported around 8:26 PM on December 1 at the 300-block of North Drake Street. While a woman went to the grocery store, thieves entered her home and stole several items including a large television, a gold chain, and kid tennis shoes.

As previously reported, a commercial burglary happened at Zaxby’s on the night of November 29.

Also, we previously reported on a residential burglary that happened around 6 PM on November 29 at the 500-block of North Caraway Road. A woman opened the door to find a man holding a knife. Fortunately, he dropped the knife and fled.

Anyone with any information about these or other crimes may submit a tip online to police here.

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