Package theft caught on video in Jonesboro

Jonesboro, Ark. – No one likes a thief but especially as the holidays approach.

The Jonesboro Police Department took a report this week detailing a theft of packages stolen off a victim’s front porch. What’s worse is, the packages contained items for children (Super Mario DLX Bowsers Airship playset, and Super Mario bedding).

The theft itself happened around 4:09 PM Tuesday at 600-block of Centre Grove Circle. Unfortunately for the thieves, security video captured the entire incident. A silver sedan pulls up and then a suspect gets out of the vehicle, runs up to the front porch, and grabbed the two packages. At least two others were in the vehicle, officers observed.

The items stolen were valued at less than $100 but theft of property of postal packages is a felony. Arkansas Act 340 of 2021 changed it from a misdemeanor to a felony. It could mean up to six years in prison for the perpetrators – for each offense.

The Facebook post by the theft victim states the suspects also stole from neighbors several streets down a few minutes before. Those thefts included life saving medication, the victim told NEA Report.

Anyone with any information about these or other crimes may submit a tip online to police here.

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