Man found guilty of second-degree murder

Jonesboro, Ark. – Martin Lilly and Charlene Davidson—deputy prosecuting attorneys—prosecuted 62-year-old Charles Antles Devine for the 2016 strangulation death of Stacey Devine. Thursday evening, a Craighead County jury found Devine guilty of second-degree murder. And the circuit court followed the jury’s recommendation and sentenced Devine to the maximum 30 years imprisonment.

This is the 16th consecutive jury conviction for homicide in the Second Judicial District since trials resumed on 1 May 2021.

On 12 February 2016, Jonesboro police found Stacey’s body in a ditch near the Commerce Drive and Pacific Road intersection. Police investigation revealed that Stacey’s marriage to Charles had deteriorated, and she was planning to move out of the marital home. Police also found Stacey’s car roughly equidistant between where she and Charles lived and where they found her body. And Charles made specific claims to police about his whereabouts before they discovered Stacey’s body that was untrue based on a forensic analysis of his mobile phone. So police arrested Charles, and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged him with murder.

Lilly and Davidson thanked the jury for their service and the Jonesboro Police Department for its investigation. Prosecuting Attorney Keith L. Chrestman praised the deputy prosecutors: “Lilly is a powerful prosecutor. Davidson is a powerful prosecutor. And they exemplify those qualities—steadfast integrity, unparalleled experience, relentless hard work, and successful results—that remain fixtures of this Office and its more than 20 deputy prosecutors. They help make our communities safe. And I’m thankful for their service.”

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