Report: Man shot during alleged robbery in downtown Jonesboro

A police report early Sunday in Jonesboro detailed a robbery and shooting by an alleged victim that refused to prosecute, leaving authorities without a case to investigate.

The incident happened sometime between 11:20 PM Saturday and early Sunday. The alleged victim said it happened behind the Brickhouse on Main Street in the downtown area – but the report itself was taken about an hour after it occurred at an apartment in the 1300-block of West Huntington Avenue. There, a 29-year-old man was found by responders to have a gunshot wound to his right foot. The bullet entered and exited with police noting bones were broken by the projectile.

Officers began investigating, contacting an off-duty officer working security downtown. However, the man who was shot told police he “ain’t no bitch” when asked who shot him. He was taken to a local hospital and treated. He again refused to assist with the investigation.

JPD tried once more to get the man to cooperate Monday morning, the police report said. While the report said the man was polite and even said he appreciated police for trying to help, he asked that they close the case without investigating it.

The case was closed.


    • Right, again, Kelly, but stupid is the majority of Jtown now. People have been raising their kids to be stupid criminals and wastes of life for generations now and it really, really shows.

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