Cryo-therapy now available at Arkansas Progressive Medicine

“I thought it was cool.” – Dr. Dane Flippin

Dr. Dane Flippin continues to add cutting edge technologies and treatments to his growing arsenal of alternative medicine options at Arkansas Progressive Medicine, 1000. E. Matthews in Jonesboro.

“I had this vision, but I didn’t want to just be the marijuana clinic,” Dr. Flippin said. “I wanted to be able to do other stuff down the road. It would be ‘progressive’ and let us reinvest in the community and bring value to the community. So people didn’t have to drive to St. Louis or Memphis for treatments they could find here.”

The addition of two new forms of treatment at the clinic shows Dr. Flippin’s vision is materializing into reality more each day. Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold to treat body tissues for various conditions. The clinic begin 2022 by adding both a Cryosauna – and – a Cryoskin Cryoslimming machine.

On Saturday, a special Cryo-Party event is being held at the clinic beginning at 1 PM for the public to see the new tech in action. RVSPs are preferred for the event. The event is on Facebook here. 


CryoSauna. Courtesy Arkansas Progressive Medicine.

“It was something a lot of people were asking about, actually,” Dr. Flippin said.

The Cryosauna is a luxury alternative to ice bathing, which is the standard form of cryotherapy used by many athletes. By immersing themselves in the cold, athletes contend that they are able to reduce pain, heal quicker, and get back into action much sooner than without. But spending 30 minutes in a tub of ice has its obvious drawbacks. That’s where the Cryosauna comes in.

“It helps with pain and inflammation,” Dr. Flippin said. “It’s designed specifically for professional athletes really abusing their bodies and needing a quick turn around – but don’t want to spend 30 minutes in an ice bath everyday. You can get in this thing and in three minutes, you’ve done the equivalent for your muscles.”

Three minutes instead of thirty minutes is just one of the selling points. The Cryosauna does what the ice bath does, but better. It cools the body down evenly, unlike taking an ice bath. It doesn’t hurt. You do shiver and it’s cold, Dr. Flippin said, but it’s similar to taking a cold shower.

There’s three levels of use. For most, the beginning level is between two and three minutes at about -130 degrees. No one is in it longer than three minutes. Clinic staff is there the whole time monitoring them, making sure they’re doing okay, the doctor said. As long as the user is in reasonably good health, they can probably use the machine.

“People feel refreshed and invigorated when they get out, kind of like taking a cold shower or an ice bath,” said Dr. Flippin.

To use the device, just call and make an appointment. No doctor referrals are necessary. It is $25 for the first use, $50 every use after.

Some individuals who have had COVID inflammation in their lungs say it has helped them recover from it, Flippin said.

Cryoskin Cryoslimming Machine

Cryoskin uses the benefits of extreme cold to help patients slim down. It’s a non-invasive treatments that helps with cellulite reduction, skin toning, and fat reduction.

“One of my nurses in Pocahontas told me about it,” Dr. Flippin recalled. “She had seen it somewhere and I got to researching it. I thought it was cool. I made some phone calls and saw that it was something we didn’t have in Jonesboro and so I decided to add it. ”

Cryoskin helps lose inches, firm and tone, and it also helps with lymphatic drainage which decreases inflammation throughout the body, including the gut. With the placement of the device heads, it creates a sort of whirlpool effect of hot and cold in the area it’s applied, it jump starts the lymphatic drainage, according to the doctor.

Because it is helping flush the fat cells out of the body, it is encouraged that users drink an increased amount of water the day of and surrounding treatments. Following a sensible diet and complimenting it with exercise is also encouraged to obtain maximum results.

But the benefits aren’t just cosmetic. Patients report it helps people feeling achy and tired, and some report it helps regulate bowels as well. Most treatments are less than 30 minutes.

The office has a body scanner that allows them to track the progress, too. However, online, many say they can visibly see the results after the first treatment. You can find more information about Cryoskin here.

Cryo Party!

At 1 PM on Saturday, January 29, Arkansas Progressive Medicine will host a special Cryo Party to demonstrate the new tech and hardware to the public. Drinks and snacks are going to be provided. All treatments will be explained, a demonstration of treatments will be provided, and there will even be a free treatment giveaway valued up to $400 for someone in attendance.

Because of limited space, the clinic prefers those attending RVSP first. Call 870-520-6007 or RVSP on Facebook. You may also visit their website at

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