Two suspects, including 12-year-old, arrested for vehicle break-ins; Gunfire strikes apartment; Other reports released Monday by JPD

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.
Vehicle Break-Ins
  • A suspect entered a vehicle and stole cash sometime after 1 AM on 12/26 at the 1500-block of Pratt Circle in Jonesboro.
  • Another vehicle at the 1500-block of Pratt Circle was also unlawfully entered and stolen from.
  • Between 10 PM 12/26 and 7 AM on 12/27 at the 200-block of W. Cherry Ave.
  • Two were arrested for vehicle break-ins; See below.

A report alleges that a suspect ran from an officer and tossed meth while running. It happened around 5:40 PM at the intersection of Jefferson and Wilson. Terry L. Pittman, 35, of Jonesboro, faces charges including possession, tampering, parole violator, fleeing, disorderly conduct, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

At 4:08 AM on 12/27, officers arrived to the 4900-block of Prospect Drive to find a vehicle totaled in the ditch. Nearby, a victim’s vehicle had been impacted by the driver before the final crash. However, the suspect driver had fled before officers could arrive. After police investigated, they learned the vehicle was registered to a parolee wearing an ankle monitor. That parolee, Justin Barber, 34, was shown to have been on Prospect Road at 4:02 AM according to GPS information attached to the report. Police turned the information over to the city attorney’s office for the issuance of a warrant.

A suspect was found to have felony drugs during a traffic stop between 10:43 AM and after 1 PM on 12/27 at the 1500-block of Overhill Road. A parole search followed. However, much of the report was masked and it wasn’t clear what arrests were made, as multiple suspects were listed.

A traffic stop Sunday afternoon resulted in an arrest for the possession of a stolen motorcycle. At 12:41 PM, Officer Landon Heath Crumpton noticed a blue sports bike going north on Culberhouse at a high rate of speed. When he pulled out behind it, he noticed no license plate on the bike. The 34-year-old male told the officer he had just bought the bike from someone in Memphis and had not had a chance to tag it yet. He told police he did not know the bike was stolen. It was stolen out of Minnesota. The man was arrested for felony theft by receiving, however, after a detective interviewed him, it was determined he had been deceived and thought he was buying a legitimate item. He was released and will not be charged.

A residential burglary was reported between 4 PM and 7:50 PM on 12/27 at the 300-block of S. Culberhouse. An LED TV, an XBOX, and an iPhone were all stolen.

Two suspects, one of which was a 12-year-old boy, were arrested for breaking into vehicles between 3 AM and 4 AM near the intersection of Ferrell St. and W. Matthews Ave. on the morning of 12/28 (Monday). Officers received a call and were dispatched at 3:54 AM to the area of Heather Ridge in reference to three black males breaking into vehicles. Police arrived a few blocks away to see two black males walking east down W. Matthews. The report was masked from there. Jamal Brown, 22, of Jonesboro, and an unnamed 12-year-old male, were both arrested on charges that include fleeing, resisting arrest, breaking or entering, curfew violation, theft, and obstructing governmental operations. JPD’s report noted a spent taser cartridge belonging to the police department.

An apartment was damaged by a bullet sometime between 4:35 AM and 5:40 AM on 12/28 at the 3400-block of Sun Avenue. An officer reported hearing around five gunshots in the area before a bullet hole was located. A bullet entered one apartment and traveled into the neighboring apartment. No injuries were reported.

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