Chase with gunfire down Red Wolf Bouelvard reported; Other reports released Tuesday and Wednesday by JPD

Reports released Tuesday

A suspect committed residential burglary between Saturday and Monday at a residence, location masked, in Jonesboro. The suspect entered a kitchen window and stole a compressor.

A man reported felony criminal mischief in the form of vandalism to his car early Monday at the 3300-block of Meador Road in Jonesboro. The car had “whore” spray painted on the passenger and driver side of the vehicle. Three tires were also punctured.

Someone damaged a large portion of turf over the weekend at Sage Meadows around the 4400-block of Clubhouse Drive.

There’s been more examples lately of financial identity fraud reports but not just for unemployment fraud. More residents in Jonesboro are finding their identity stolen lately than have in previous periods.

A shed was broken into and lawn mower stolen, a report filed around 6 PM Monday evening at the 1000-block of West Monroe said.

Red Wolf Chase/Shooting

Late Monday evening report indicated victims were shot at while driving north on Red Wolf Boulevard.

It happened at 11:55 PM Monday night on Red Wolf near Alumni. Dispatch radioed that a 911 caller said they were being chased and shot at.

Two victims, one from Forrest City and another from Osceola, were listed in the report. One suffered a graze wound from a bullet to the right side of his head, next to the ear. He had a large contusion on his right temple, the report said.

The case was under investigation and no arrests were noted in the report – but much was masked.

While patrolling, Officer Rich Rothwell noticed a dumpster on fire early Tuesday near Nettleton and Caraway in Jonesboro. The smell of smoke drew him to the fire, where he notified JFD to quickly extinguish the blaze.

Early Tuesday, a vehicle theft report was made at the 300-block of North Drake Street. A suspect stole a vehicle from the front of a residence.

Reports released Wednesday

Vehicle break-ins at the Links were reported between Monday and Tuesday.

A residential burglary report was filed Tuesday afternoon around 1 PM at the 300-block of West Cherry where a female suspect allegedly entered a home unlawfully and attacked the victims.

Police served a large number of warrants for failure to appear both Monday and Tuesday, many at district court.

While we don’t have statistics to show if the incidents are happening more or less than usual, there have been numerous reports lately including multiple this week of suicide attempts.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Hours: Available 24 hours.
Languages: English, Spanish.
An early Wednesday morning accident involving a vehicle and a deer resulted in an officer euthanizing the deer at the scene. It happened around 12:19 AM Wednesday at the 3500-block of Woodsprings Road. The deer was severely injured with blood and bone visible. The officer made the difficult decision to end the animal’s suffering and notified animal control.

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