Suspects try to steal ATM with stolen truck; Thief spends over $10,000 on stolen card; Shooting incidents; Other reports released Tuesday and Wednesday by JPD

JONESBORO, Ark. – Here’s a look at the major incidents reported to the Jonesboro Police Department in reports released September 1 and 2, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

Reports released Tuesday

A 24-year-old woman filed a report against a man alleging sexual assault after the two had a consensual sexual encounter in March.  She said she asked him to stop during intercourse and he continued for a short time before stopping. The woman felt he should have asked for consent to be that rough. The report said she stayed the night, had breakfast the next day, and text him when she made it home, thanking him for the night. The two stopped speaking sometime between then and August 31, when the report was filed. The case was already determined to be unfounded by the assigned detective.

A welfare check Monday morning between 10 AM and noon at the 3900-block of Harrisburg Road resulted in the arrest of a man for alleged possession of meth with intent to deliver. Jason A Strickland, 43, was arrested.

A credit card thief went on a spending spree, racking up over $10,000 in purchases, a report filed Monday said. It happened between August 14 and August 17 in Jonesboro and is under investigation.

A garage was broken into and a vehicle illegally entered during a theft reported between Sunday night and Monday morning at the 1100-block of Mays Lane in Jonesboro. Various debit/credit cards and a purse were stolen.

Another large theft was reported Monday in Jonesboro. The alleged victim reported the theft at the 3600-block of Stadium Boulevard. A suspect stole a trailer with a Bobcat track vehicle loaded. The value of the stolen trailer and vehicle exceeded $40,000, the report said. The complainant said the last time he saw the items were on August 27.

A vehicle break-in was reported between 3:37 PM and 4:22 PM at the 1600-block of North Church Street. A money order was stolen.

A residential burglary was reported Monday at the 1800-block of Kendal Street. A resident returned home to find the door busted open and mail stolen.

A vehicle was unlawfully entered at the 2800-block of Creek Drive, a report filed Monday afternoon said. The complainant said she went into a store for half an hour and came out to find her wallet stolen.

A 2.2 karat diamond ring valued at $4,000 was reported stolen at a local hotel, a report filed Monday evening said. The date of the incident was between August 26 and August 31.

A vehicle theft was reported Monday evening at the 1500-block of Aggie Road. A red 2016 Ford Focus was the vehicle that was stolen. It has a sticker on the window, yellow, that reads, “My kids have four paws.” The vehicle was placed in NCIC as stolen.

A burglary was reported at a masked location where a suspect allegedly broke into a garage and stole paint.

A vehicle break-in was reported at the 5900-block of Rees Road between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Reports released Wednesday

A report alleged that shortly after 3 PM Tuesday, a suspect went to JPS administration and was causing “a problem.” Specifically, the report alleges that the suspect, a 38 year old female, stated she would shoot someone. No arrests were made and the case is under investigation.

A man was arrested for aggravated assault after he allegedly fired a gunshot during an argument. Andre King, 22, of Jonesboro, was arrested around 3 PM Tuesday at the 3500-block of Race Street. He was also cited for misdemeanor possession charges.

A shots fired call at about 3:37 PM Tuesday was investigated in the area of the 1200-block of Warner Avenue. A caller advised that a black passenger car’s occupant fired shots from the vehicle. No arrests were reported.

An early Wednesday report, just after midnight, in the area of Cedar Heights alleged a suspect threatened a victim with a gun and stole house keys.

An attempted ATM theft happened early Wednesday at Regions Bank, 617 Southwest Drive in Jonesboro. The report says suspects attempted to use a chain to steal the ATM machine with a white four-door pickup truck, possibly an F-250, with a silver tool box in the bed. It did not appear the suspects succeeded, although damage was reported to the ATM machine. Two black male suspects between the ages of 20 and 30 were listed in the report but no names were known.

A vehicle was discovered stolen from a hotel around 5:47 AM Wednesday morning. The stolen truck was an F-250 white four-door truck. The case was thought to be connected to the attempted ATM theft.

Sometime before 7:12 AM Wednesday, suspects broke the rear passenger window of a vehicle and stole property at the 2200-block of Amy Ann Street.

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  1. No safe and secure place in Jtown no more. Damned shame the bad guys outnumber us law abiding citizens.

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