Multiple shootings; Salvation Army burglary; Other reports released Wednesday and Thursday by JPD

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JONESBORO, Ark. – Police worked multiple shooting reports this week in Jonesboro, along with numerous other notable – and strange – incidents.

A traffic accident Tuesday morning took a strange turn after a man allegedly hid a small bag of meth, which was located by police. Around 8:30 AM, the accident happened at the 2500-block of South Caraway Road. The suspect had already left the scene by the time the drugs were found but could face felony charges including possession and tampering with evidence.

There are now so many financial identity fraud reports being filed in Jonesboro, JPD has had to stop uploading the nearly identical reports to the server to save time. One day this week alone, over 70 reports were filed. People are learning fraudulent unemployment claims have been filed despite them still being employed, in many cases.

A residential burglary was reported between 3 PM July 31 and Tuesday morning at the 5000-block of Prospector Drive. A stainless steel glass-top stove was stolen.

A man was cited Tuesday after his dog bit a 9-year-old girl (the day before). It happened at the 5700-block of Mill Creek Cove.

A 5-year-old boy suffered a dog bite, a report filed on Tuesday said – but the date of the incident was reported to be July 31 in the incident report. It happened at the 4600-block of Lilly Cove.

An arrest early Wednesday included several felony and misdemeanor charges, ranging from public intoxication to possession of firearms by a certain person to possession of drugs with intent to deliver. Antonio P. Peters, 26, of Jonesboro, was arrested at the 300-block of West State Street. The call that brought police to the area was of shots heard.

A stolen vehicle noticed by an officer early Wednesday morning led to the arrest of a suspect on various serious charges. At 2:40 AM, Officer Markis Dunham was headed west bound when he noticed a gray Jeep Compass that, after checked, returned to be stolen. Jerome Farmer, 23, of Charleston, MO, was arrested on charges including:

  • theft by receiving $25,000 or more
  • simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms
  • possession of meth or cocaine
  • possession of firearm by certain persons
  • tampering with evidence (felony)
  • possession of sch VI (misd)
  • obstructing governmental operations (misd)
  • tampering with physical evidence (misd)
  • no drivers license (misd)

A trailer theft was reported between Monday and Wednesday at the 700-block of Sadie Lane. The black 8×5 utility trailer was last seen Sunday around 8 PM.

A burglary was reported on Wednesday from the prior several weeks (as early as July 22) at the 3300-block of Meador Road. Suspects reportedly entered a deceased victim’s residence and stole a felony amount of property that included appliances and TVs.

Alpine Shooting

At 3:21 PM Wednesday, police were dispatched in reference to shots fired at the 600-block of Alpine Street in Jonesboro. Authorities learned a subject in a vehicle shot several times at a residence. No arrests were noted in the report. The male suspect was believed to be between the ages of 16 and 25.

A suspect shot a victim in the leg sometime after 1 PM near the intersection of Kristal and Richardson in Jonesboro. Authorities learned of it when the victim went to the hospital. JPD believes this is linked to the Alpine shooting, as the reports are grouped together.

A vehicle chase began around 4:04 PM at the 2300-block of Sutton Drive. The vehicle, a 2017 Cadillac, fled and ended up crashing in a small ditch. With the vehicle still in drive, the two suspects bailed out and ran. The two suspects were thought to be juveniles. They face felony charges if apprehended.

A traffic stop Wednesday evening at the intersection of Clark and Manila streets resulted in arrests for a bench warrant and for possession of meth.

A 24-year-old female suspect believed under the influence of meth was naked in public after 5 PM Wednesday at the 2000-block of Trinity Oaks. Not only that, but she was reportedly throwing rocks at vehicles.

A burglary of a home was reported around 8 PM Wednesday at the 1900-block of North Culberhouse (an apartment).

A male suspect, 41, was arrested following a domestic altercation with his mother, 69, Wednesday night in Jonesboro. Justin Mitchell, of Saint Augustine, FL, was arrested on felony charges of second degree domestic battering and aggravated assault. A misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a minor was also listed in the report. The report said the suspect punched and choked his mother, leaving bruising and lacerations to both arms and both sides of her neck.

A man who refused to leave the emergency room at St. Bernards, and who resisted attempts to get him out of the building, was arrested with a bag of meth in his wallet.

A residential burglary was reported after 10 PM at the 2800-block of Dacus Lane.

A vehicle break-in was reported early Thursday near Wolf Den Lane and Wolf Grove Lane.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store, S. Fisher Street, was burglarized between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Police were dispatched in reference to a TV in the middle of the road. Once officers arrived, they found barbed wire cut and a hoodie laying over the fence for someone to climb over it. Police realized the store had been the target of a burglary and theft. A cash register was stolen from the store. The case was being investigated.



  1. What the heck is wrong with law enforcement in this slum town? They need to see every crime as what it is — CRIME!! Stop just letting the thugs hit and run without DOING something about them!!! It just keeps getting worse!!!! Today’s ‘juveniles just wanting to have fun by attacking and assaulting people’ are tomorrows rapists and murderers. GROW A FREAKING BRAIN!!!

  2. Most cops in this town are to scared to do anything about it, people know it and they take advantage of it. Maybe the next mayor will do something about the crime here.

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