Search warrant executed by Street Crimes Unit; dog bites child on a bike; and other reports released Friday by JPD

JONESBORO, Ark. – Reports released on Friday by the Jonesboro Police Department indicated a mostly quiet period over the past 24 hours.

A search warrant was executed by the JPD Street Crimes Unit between 11 AM and 1:21 PM Thursday at an apartment at 1 Willow Creek Road after police received information about drug sales happening there. The residence is less than 1000 feet from Fox Meadow Elementary as well as the Miracle League Park, the report said.

Inside of the apartment, police found a large “grow tent” with a hanging LED light and fertilizer. Over 200 grams of marijuana and almost $6,000 in cash was logged into evidence. Various boxes of ammunition and magazines were located throughout the residence. Some of the ammunition went to an AK-style rifle, one of the investigators noted. No firearms were located but several had been previously taken by police during a search warrant the prior month (see below).

Triston Andrew Lancaster, 20, of Jonesboro, and Patrick Reed, 19, of Jonesboro, were arrested Thursday, the report said. Lancaster was arrested last month in a similar bust by the Street Crimes Unit.

Other police reports released Friday

A catalytic converter was stolen off of a vehicle at the 4200-block of East Johnson, a report filed Thursday afternoon said.

A 7 year old boy riding his bike was bitten by a dog, a report taken Thursday night at the 200-block of Walnut Street said. An officer was dispatched at 7:47 PM to the call. The dog apparently came out to the street from a residence and bit the child.

Two DWI arrests were reported after midnight.

A suspect driving on a suspended license was recognized by an officer who pulled her over and found felony drug paraphernalia. She was arrested.

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