Randolph County sheriff tells scammer to stop or be arrested

Issues warning to public to avoid being a victim

POCAHONTAS, Ark. – A scammer is calling people in Randolph County pretending to be from the sheriff’s department but the real sheriff, Kevin Bell, wants the public to know so they’re not a victim.

A person is calling residents identifying himself as “Sheriff Tom Griffin.” The phone number that shows up on caller I.D. is the actual sheriff’s office number –  870-892-8888. Scammers can easily use internet tools to make the caller ID display false numbers.

Apparently, this leads to a request to pay fines or fees over the phone.

“This is a scam and I want to remind our citizens that we will never call and ask someone to pay anything by phone,” said Bell in an email to press outlets Thursday. ” If they get a call from this person please report it to us at 870-892-8888.”

Not only is Sheriff Bell aware of the scammer, but he spoke to him on the phone.

I actually spoke to the scammer myself and told him to stop or he would be arrested,” Bell wrote. “However, I suspect that he is in a foreign country.”



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