Thefts, forgeries, and a false report; Police reports released by JPD on Wednesday, May 20

JONESBORO, Ark. – Several felony thefts, forgeries, and even a false police report charge were included in reports released Wednesday by JPD.

Several felonies were alleged during a report filed around 4 AM Wednesday morning at the 1000-block of Ferrell Street. The victim stated that the suspect, an ex-boyfriend, picked the lock to the residence, made entry, and physically attacked her while she was sleeping.

A traffic stop shortly before midnight Tuesday resulted in a parole violator being arrested and the woman in the car with him being cited. Kentrell Bell, 31, was driving without a license, had no tags, no insurance, and swerved left of center while being followed by Officer Aasin Lester. The officer found a meth pipe in the vehicle. Bell was arrested and taken to jail. Samantha Wise, 30, of Jonesboro, was cited and released at the scene.

A report filed during the 10 PM hour at Sage Meadows alleged that a 20-year-old suspect threatened to kill a 21-year-old female.

A report filed at about 7:15 PM Tuesday accused a 68-year-old male of pleasuring himself in front of his window as children walked by. No arrests were noted.

$4,900 in counterfeit money was turned over to JPD after a call at about 6:30 PM from a family member with whom a suspect had been staying since leaving jail. No charges.

Sometime after 4 PM, a 36-year-old woman tried cashing a fraudulent money order at Regions Bank on Highland Drive. She left without the money and police are investigating.

A suspect is accused of trying to cash a forged check around 4:30 PM at Focus Bank, 406 Southwest Drive in Jonesboro. Graylan Moore Bobo, 45, of Lewisburg, TN, was arrested with a forged check in the amount of $2,489.63, according to police.

Sunbelt Rentals filed several reports alleging theft of services from people who had rented equipment from them and either never paid the full fee or didn’t return the equipment at all. One of the suspects, who provided a false address, still has possession of a green Bobcat skid-steer loader with bucket.

A report filed after 2 PM by Hertz, 1903 Grant Avenue, alleges a suspect has refused to return their rental car and is keeping it, which constitutes theft of a vehicle.

Around 1 PM at the 800-block of West Huntington Avenue, a report accused a suspect of threatening to kill victims with a knife.

Several reports were filed about vehicles being struck while unattended and the suspects leaving the scene.

Someone stole a $30,000 Caterpillar backhoe/loader from a construction site at the intersection of Clinton School Road/E Johnson/US 49 N/Whitley. It was reported around 10 AM Tuesday.



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