Judge Adam Weeks back on the ballot, Arkansas Supreme Court rules

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Adam Weeks is back on the ballot for Circuit Judge District 3.

He had been taken off following a legal challenge into his eligibility. 

In sum, strictly construing the statute, resolving all doubts in favor of the defendant, and in the absence of an intent requirement, we cannot say that a violation of section 27-14-306 required a finding or admission of deceit, fraud, or false statement. Accordingly, we reverse the circuit court’s order. Appellant Weeks’s name shall appear on the ballot and votes for him shall be counted. Because we reverse on the first point, it is unnecessary to address the remaining arguments on appeal.

In their ruling, the Arkansas Supreme Court reversed the decision by the lower court and ordered Weeks back on the ballot.

The full ruling is available online here.

NEA Report was the first to reach Weeks following the decision. His voice cracked with emotion as he reacted to the news.

“We’re overjoyed by this outcome,” Weeks said. “We have just been deeply moved by all of the support we’ve gotten throughout all of this. People have stood by me absolutely every turn that this has taken and now that it’s over and the Supreme Court has ruled on this and I’m back on the ballot, I don’t think I could be anymore elated than I am right now.”

In addition, the person who filed the lawsuit, Judy Miller, was ordered to pay $2,204.95 in costs for the appeal.

The chief justice of the court dissented in his opinion.

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