Fulton County judge found guilty of felony theft

Photo by Tammy L. Dunn Curtis, Spring River Chronicle

FULTON COUNTY, Ark. – Fulton County Judge Jim Kendrick was found guilty of felony theft of property by a jury at 2:28 p.m. today, Jan. 23, reports Tammy L. Dunn Curtis with the Spring River Chronicle.

The case was brought forth in June after the Arkansas State Police began an investigation that resulted in the charge being filed.

Facts proved the judge utilized his cousin and newly appointed (by him) road foreman, Charles Kendrick, two dump trucks and county drivers, a grader and a county driver, 18 loads of fill dirt and time for a county excavator to load the trucks to repair his private driveway near Mammoth Spring.

The jury trial began yesterday.

The jury was comprised of seven women and five men. They were out for deliberation a little over an hour in the case . In less than five minutes the jury returned and imposed a $10,000 fine (the maximum allowed for a Class D Felony) on Kendrick for the crime with no jail time after his wife’s tearful testimony about his age (72) and health.

Deputy Prosecutor Eric Bray said a petition to have Kendrick removed from office must be filed with the state.

Prosecutor Eric Hance presented the case for the State. Kendrick was represented by Gray Dillinger.

For a full story on the trial and details about filling the office of county judge, see next week’s edition of the Spring River Chronicle.

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  1. Am I reading this wrong or does it seem like he reimbursed the county for the expense of the project? Am I misunderstanding?

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