Woman arrested, charged with seven counts of animal cruelty

JONESBORO, Ark. – Several dogs were recently recovered from a woman’s residence in Jonesboro after police performed a welfare check. She was cited on seven counts of animal cruelty – and more.

It began on Monday, January 6, when Jonesboro Animal Control Officer Jeremy Earley arrived at the 200-block of State Street to an residential unit. It was shortly after 3 PM when Earley arrived. As he circled the residence on foot, he saw a small puppy walking around a homemade dog pen made out of crates and metal panels and held together with zip ties. Inside of the pen was the mother dog and five more puppies, making seven dogs total.

“The mother dog was extremely skinny and smelled strongly of urine and feces, as well as the puppies,” wrote Earley. “There was a small heater in one corner of the pen with an extension cord running inside the closed back door of the residence. Pungent red feces was piled up directly in front of the heater.”

There was no food or water in the area for the dogs. No one answered the door, either. The officer left a door hanger and took custody of the dogs.

On January 7, he followed up at the residence and spoke with owner of the dogs, Bridgette Stevenson, 52, of Jonesboro. She said she couldn’t keep the dog and puppies inside of the residence and keep it clean, so she put them outside. She was cited with seven counts of animal cruelty along with vaccination requirements for the mother dog. She was also arrested on unrelated charges and taken away by JPD.

The report was completed several days later and obtained by NEA Report by request.

Stevenson’s court date is January 15, the report states.

The dogs were medically evaluated but their present condition was not listed in the report.


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