Supreme Court to hear appeal by Judge Weeks

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – After a ruling last week that knocked Judge Adam Weeks off of the ballot for a hotly contested judicial race, there’s once again hope for Weeks.

On Monday, Jan. 14, a motion for expedited consideration was granted by the Arkansas Supreme Court. Weeks had appealed the lower court ruling against him in hopes that he would be heard in time to get back on the ballot. It was the last hope for his campaign, with the election looming around the corner.

The complete record of the case is due by January 17. The appellant and appellee must have their briefs due January 23 and the appellant’s reply brief will be due January 27.

Weeks issued a statement on his Facebook profile.

We are just overjoyed tonight. The Arkansas Supreme Court has GRANTED our motion to expedite our appeal. This means our case will be heard in time to be placed back on the ballot. We want to thank everyone who has reached out to us in support during the past week. Your support and prayers have meant so much to us. Thank you all. – Judge Adam Weeks

Last week’s ruling that disqualified Weeks was one that the issuing judge himself, Circuit Judge Chris Piazza, wasn’t happy to issue. He said it was absurd to think that Weeks wasn’t qualified for office but the wording of the law gave him no other choice but to rule the way he did.



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