Greene County Sheriff Lt. Scott Pillow jailed while FBI raided his home Tuesday

JONESBORO, Ark. – Lt. Scott Pillow with Greene County Sheriff’s Office has put a lot of people in jail over his years as a law enforcement officer but he spent the night in a central Arkansas jail with a hold placed on him by Federal authorities while his house was being raided in Greene County.

And the public doesn’t know why.

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Pulaski County Jail booking photo. He’s still there as of Wednesday morning. 

At 3:58 PM on Tuesday, Nov. 5, the Federal Bureau of Investigations booked Allen Scott Pillow, 55, of Paragould, into the Pulaski County Jail. The record only states “hold for FBI” and the charge states “hold for US Marshal.” Pillow is a Greene County Sheriff Lieutenant who was an Arkansas State Police trooper for years.

US Marshals Service hold indicates that an arrest, indictment, or probation/supervised release warrant has been issued by a US District Court for the detainee’s arrest, wrote National Federal Defense Group lawyer Joshua Sabert Lowther on legal advice website

It means there is some sort of pending federal case against Pillow.

While Pillow was being arrested in central Arkansas, the feds raided the home of he and his wife in Oak Grove Heights.

“They set up a sting and ended up with some money,” One source told me. “Some of his neighbors called the TV station immediately so they had a camera out there when the FBI was executing the search warrant.”

Region 8 News excelled Tuesday, catching the raid live on camera thanks to an anonymous tip. During that search, the source said a backpack was taken out of the house and placed into evidence.

“No comment,” Joey Foss Pillow told NEA Report late Tuesday.

A statement by the Greene County Sheriff Steve Franks suggested the investigation into Pillow may involve his department. Franks told Region 8 News he was “cooperating with any and all agencies and will continue to offer assistance.” He referred all questions to the county attorney.

If you have any tips on this case, send them to

Pillow has faced disciplinary actions in the past, including being demoted in 2014 for replacing counterfeit cash with his own money and suggesting one of his informants dispose of the fraudulent money.

Then, he slammed an innocent man on a police cruiser in July, 2017 in Jonesboro. His vehicle and his license plate number matched that of a truck that had struck a State Trooper earlier in the day. The problem was that his license tag had been stolen earlier in the day and put on a vehicle looking just like his. He was innocent. His 10 year old daughter watched on as Pillow screamed in his face, “Motherfucker, we got you now,” and when the man asked what he did, Pillow grunted out “You know what the fuck you did!” before he slammed him on the trunk of a police car. Pillow, unable to calm down, aggressively questioned the innocent man and accused him of being a liar because he “could have killed” an officer. When Pillow and the other cops realized they had the wrong guy, they never apologized. And for that, Pillow received a five day suspension without pay.

“I don’t think I slammed him that hard against the car,” Scott Pillow said in an interview with ASP.

Pillow resigned from ASP on June 25, 2019. He since joined the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, which now finds itself cooperating with federal authorities in an investigation the public wants answers on.

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