Smoke at WBU; no injuries or danger, says university

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – A structure fire was reported at the campus of Williams Baptist University Thursday night in Walnut Ridge but fortunately, it appears to have been contained without cause for concern, a spokesperson for the university told NEA Report.

Shortly before 8 PM Thursday, LRS News reported the WRFD was responding to a structure fire call at Williams Baptist University. University spokesperson Brett Cooper told NEA Report smoke was reported in the laundry room, prompting residents to be evacuated into the cafeteria until fire crews could give the all clear.

It made for a mild Halloween scare that fortunately only came with a chilly walk in the cold temperatures to the warm cafeteria. Residents waited there until fire crews gave the all clear for the smoke report.

No one was hurt or endangered, Cooper said.

“Great response by WRFD,” Cooper added.

The initial report was published by LRS News here:

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