Man caught stealing women’s lingerie from Seductions

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man was allegedly caught by employees and theft prevention technology stealing a pair of women lingerie panties from Seductions late Saturday night just outside of Jonesboro.

The incident was reported to the Craighead County Sheriff’s Department. Deputies were dispatched at 11:30 PM Saturday night to 5071 Highway 1 South at Seductions. Deputy Derek Phillips made contact with Steven Lynn Trotter, 44, of Bay, who was reportedly caught by employees and the theft prevention system inside of the store.

Apparently, stealing from Seductions is something of a common problem. So, the store has implemented a system that locks the suspect inside if they try to take something.

The security cameras were reviewed by the deputy, who reported the following.  The suspect entered the store at approximately 9 PM to 9:30 PM and walked around, appearing to look at a number of items. When asked if he needed assistance or help multiple times, he declined. The deputies saw footage showing him grabbing multiple items, attempting to tear into the boxes and remove the contents. The footage then allegedly shows Trotter putting the package back, sans the sexy contents.

At approximately 10:16 PM, the suspect exited the store. It set off the security system which then locked the suspect into the foyer in the front of the store.

The employees then asked Trotter to come back inside and empty his pockets but Trotter refused. Employees asked what he took but he stated that he didn’t take anything.

Then, one staff member saw him attempt to discard an item while still in the foyer. It was women lingerie, opened. The black panties with rhinestones on them were recovered.

Trotter was told to stay put in the foyer while the police were summoned but he attempted to force his way out of the locked door, damaging the exterior door to the business. He then came inside and went into multiple areas of the business to try to leave but never got out. Deputies arrived then and detained him.

He was arrested and charged with theft of property, less than $1,000 ($14.99 pair of panties). Also, he’s facing a charge of criminal mischief for $250 in damage to six packaging boxes and $500 in damage to the door, which had its locks bent out of position by the suspect, the report said.


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