Rep. Crawford: Investigate Democrat Senators

JONESBORO, Ark. – NEA’s congressional representative is calling foul on the impeachment proceedings facing President Trump and he’s joining other Republicans in asking for investigations into several Democrats.

On Thursday, U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford joined with 13 other members of the House of Representatives to send a letter to Vice President Pence and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell regarding Senators Menedez, Leahy, and Durbin’s May 2018 letter to then-General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

In a letter dated May 4th, 2018, Crawford said the Democrat Senators implicitly threatened Ukraine’s relationship with the United States if Prosecutor Lutsenko did not participate in the investigation into President Trump.

“I have yet to see material evidence that President Trump asked for quid pro quo political favors from a foreign nation, but Democrats are accusing him of doing so and calling for his impeachment,” said Congressman Crawford. “Three of those Democrats did exactly what they accused the President of doing and should be held accountable for these actions.”

According to, the claim that Democratic senators “sent a letter to the prosecutor in Ukraine in 2018 asking him to investigate Trump” is rated as false.

Several reasons exist why the…associated sentiment are incorrect and misleading. At the top of that list is the fact that the letter in question did not concern a request to “investigate Trump,” nor did it request the opening of any investigation. –

The letter sent to the Ukrainian prosecutor may be viewed in full here.  It appears to pressure the government into cooperating with the Mueller investigation. The letter was written following a report by the New York Times that four open cases had been frozen in Ukraine, thereby halting cooperation with the Mueller probe. These cases involved investigations into Paul Manafort’s consulting work on behalf of the former Ukrainian president. The report said they were halted due to worries that further investigations would draw the ire of Trump. The letter ends with questions of if this was true and if so, why.

The Arkansas representative for the First District has called the impeachment proceedings a “charade” on Twitter. He has joined with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and reps Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise, Doug Collins and others in criticism of the process.



  1. Kudos to Rick Crawford. If all sane and decent people, politicians or not, would take a stand then we might get the swamp cleaned out. Needs to be done locally, too.

    • This guy is an embarrassment to America and how dare him to make up lies and exact Galatians against President Trump why can’t the Democrats just leave him alone and let President Trump do his job We the People Americans are sick and tired of the Democrats and their false allegations against our president

      • You are right, Gracie. The liberal lunatics are still trying to destroy America and despise Trump for putting the brakes on our destruction when they thought Hellary C was going to steal the election and finish us off. Liberalism really is lunacy. It’s crazy to want to be destroyed the way the demonic socialists are doing.

  2. Arkansas’ government was the most corrupt in the country for so long that it’s good to see some decent people doing decent things for Arkansas and the U.S. now.

  3. Once the election is over there will be no more talk of gun control and no more talk of abortion on Face Book Or Fox news, Or CNN. And whoever gets voted in to be the next President, whether it be Republican or Democrat, they will also be bashed, belittled, falsely accused, attacked and scoffed at. This is a never ending way of “We the people”. Why does anyone think this will ever change. It never has. Focus On Criminal control. Spend more money on more and bigger departments of correction. (prisons) to keep criminals behind bars instead of letting them out because of over crowding. Buy additional land surrounding prisons and plant cotton, vegetables, fruit trees, let them earn their food and feed america as well also put in green houses during winter so produce can thrive year around. Pass a law for Criminals who abduct children get the death penalty without exception. Men who beat women (domestic violence) do three months in jail no bail, and 2nd offense a year no bail no way out. Do something that matters, make these laws that american’s can benefit from instead of the same old rhetoric that never helps anyone. AND if any of you politicians really can reach the President directly, please ASK PRESIDENT TRUMP TO DECLARE GOOD FRIDAY A NATIONAL

  4. For the life of me, I cannot understand why Democrats keep pushing to have him impeached. It’s not going to happen, and it’s just a waste of taxpayer money. Trump can say and do whatever he wants and he’s gonna get away with it unless someone discovers some incontrovertible evidence, and probably not even then.

    I’m sick of hearing the word impeachment, I’m sick of the mudslinging from both sides, and all that is on top of being sick of Trump. Just vote next year for whoever you want and hope for the best.

    • Me 2 ARIndie, and I’m sick of the crud like Pelosi and Schiff, Schumer and Waters lying and hating and screwing over Americans while amassing fortunes from tax dollars and illegal deals with foreigners and trying to blame the good guys (Pence and Trump) who have done only good.

  5. I’m really in awe of the comments here. You people are trying to say he’s draining the swamp? Soliciting political dirt from a foreign government? Enriching himself and family at the expense of taxpayers? Undermining NATO? Cozying up to dictaors and our adversaries? If this was Obama, the Republicans would have impeached him 3 times over.

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