Early voting begins for Jonesboro sales tax initiative

JONESBORO, Ark. – Early voting starts today on the Jonesboro sales tax initiative.

Voters going to the polls today through September 10 in Jonesboro will vote on one issue: whether or not to raise the tax to fund police, fire, and some quality of life improvements. It’s a special election just for this issue.

Location: Craighead County Election Annex

Address: 411 West Jefferson

Polls open: 8:00am | Polls close: 5:00pm

A few minutes out of your day will make a lasting difference in this community. – Team Jonesboro Chairman Scott McDaniel

If passed, the sales tax rate in Jonesboro (8.5%) would increase by one-percent to 9.5%. It would still be lower than most nearby area cities or similarly sized Arkansas cities.


  1. Doesn’t matter how we vote! The kings court has already spent the money! They think nothing of us on fixed income. !

  2. I was needing to know if we can early vote on Saturday. I am amazed how the information to vote is so hard to find.

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