Two victims shot at Cedar Heights in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – Two people were shot at Cedar Heights in north Jonesboro in an incident that has detectives combing through evidence, interviewing witnesses, and shutting down city streets late Saturday.

The desk sergeant on duty first confirmed the news to NEA Report. He said officers were on scene responding to a “shots fired” call at Cedar Heights Apartments in north Jonesboro. Initially, he told us one person was shot. We later learned from JPD in a release that at least two had suffered gunshot wounds during this incident. An information specialist confirmed the second gunshot victim had been injured during the same situation at Cedar Heights.

A witness in the NEA Report News Tips group said it appeared a police car had been hit. “They just backed into it,” she posted. Although this was not part of the shooting incident itself, a police car was struck at the scene, police confirmed.

cedar heights
A previous incident brought NEA Report to the same area.


“Jonesboro Police are on scene of a shooting at the 1800 block of Cedar Heights Drive. Multiple calls came in around 8:15pm Saturday evening reporting shots heard in the area. All callers reported multiple shots heard and a large crowd gathering at Cedar Heights near Melrose.

Though initial reports indicated one injured, a second gunshot victim arrived at a local hospital around 8:25pm. Both victims are being treated for their injuries.

JPD CID is on scene and several roads will remain blocked off as the scene is processed.”

Photo lifted from video posted in NEA Report News Tips group on Facebook.
Photo would appear to indicate at least 34 evidence markers being at the scene. JPD


NEA Report is following this story and will update this post with more as we learn it. Check back and refresh to find the latest details. 



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