Sex offender accused of felony attack with hammer

JONESBORO, Ark. – A level three registered sex offender was arrested for third degree domestic battery and second degree battery on allegations he hit a man with a hammer over the weekend.

The incident report begins Saturday night, August 3, when the Jonesboro Police Department responded to the 4800-block of Ingels Road over a fight involving weapons. At 10:57 PM, the officer arrived and observed a white male standing in the driveway shouting toward subjects on the front porch. The officer ordered the man to drop the board he was apparently carrying. He was detained.

Garner’s booking photo. Source: CCDC

The officer learned the man’s name was John M. Garner, 52, of Jonesboro. He ended up being the suspect, after the officer determined through further investigation that he was the aggressor, according to the incident report.

The female victim, 52, who resided at the address, said Garner pulled into the driveway and started screaming at her. She was on the front porch when she said he pushed her through the door and into the living room. She said he forced his way into the residence and headbutted her.

The male victim, 50, then got involved by grabbing a hammer and trying to force Garner out of the home but the report said Garner took the hammer away from him. He struck the victim in the head numerous times before the man got away and grabbed a knife. Garner left and stood by his truck before he was confronted by officers.

The male victim sustained injuries including lacerations, blunt force trauma, redness, swelling, bruising to his chest, back, both arms, and head. Injuries on the head were due to being struck by a hammer several times on the back side of the skull, the officer wrote.

The woman had redness and slight swelling to left side of her nose from being head butted, the officer reported.

Garner was arrested on charges of felony residential burglary and felony second degree battery (serious injury with a weapon), and third degree battery (a misdemeanor, for the headbutt). He remains in Craighead County Detention Center as of this post on a $250,000 bond.

Garner is registered as a level 3 sex offender living at the 90-bock of County Road 306, Jonesboro, dating back to a 1995 conviction for first degree carnal abuse. The sex crime involved a juvenile. He also has arrests and convictions for other offenses since then.

Garner’s 1995 photo.


  1. Y is John in a trailer park ,y is he going around victims he did attack and wife her mother and her boyfriend Stephanie was drugged and the house unlivable and her with no funds I found incoherent one night trying to keep her from freezing to death hoo gets her money left isolated in a un livable house someone paying for doctors bills I took her to walk in clinic there using my girlfriend and I’d file restraung orders agenst them and sex offender husband still giving around her she has daughter and ask if he tuchd her she was left alone with him

  2. The dauter is not of 18 years old yet witch is a long way from 95 she was with him and his new girlfriend raising his dauter B4 this happened ones in the home was Stephanie mom and boy friend he done took the dauter from mother under 18 years of age as of today child is in foster care nothing said about if John touched her R not

  3. John M Gardner and the rest of them have to stay away from the Stephanie or she going to lose everything she’s got she got to cut ties completely with her husband he should have did a divorce a long time ago and drugging his wife was not the way to go when I went out she didn’t even know where the heck she was at much less the day she’s been in a tunnel under 32 degree weather for three years in that decrepit house and no funds to do anything he destroyed everything she had I’m trying to pick her up by our bootstraps and she ain’t got nothing in a sex offender need to be totally out of the picture when there is an underage child involved there should have been a restraining order against him from the get-go Garner manipulated Stephanie to where you can get the child in the house with his girlfriend and that’s what it said it one point that the daughter was left alone with this man she’s under 18 years of age and it’s a 2021 not 1995 with him still on the scene in 2021 it makes it bad for Stephanie to even see her daughter because what this may indeed in the home

  4. A custody issue is coming up on the child from Stephanie and John Gardner and he put his self right back in with her to keep her from getting the kids it’s what I’m getting and after you did attack the in-laws and Stephanie’s got a opportunity to get her daughter back weather completely without funds for 3 years and living off grid he wanted to make sure he destroyed Stephanie any hopes of the child being back in the home with any relative and he put himself back in a relationship with Stephanie the victim I purposely did it

  5. John I still stayed in contact with Stephanie Gardner his wife that they were estranged is separated from which has a under 18 year old child and supposed to meet up at a place for Thanksgiving to see their child is in foster care which makes no sense to me there should have been some kind of restraining order they shouldn’t be having contact with a child that was taken from him out of his house that’s under 18 that is in foster care that Stephanie the mother still has contact with and she still out there at the house with no electricity no water nothing to protect them from the elements outside another posting here clearly states that he was arrested for as a sex offender level three but he’s in contact with an underage child in foster care that’s his kid it makes no sense because there is a John Senior and John Junior John M Gardner which is the level 3 sex offender and I checked tonight looking and I didn’t see no 3rd degree sex offenders I’ll check again tomorrow but Stephanie was clearly in contact with him supposed to meet up at shirlene’s house

  6. I believe 100% he was 6 day split and Stephanie to where she can see her daughter the mother the kids in the Father the kids the sex offender which has the child in their home and she’s the one that has to have supervised visits after he drugged her it was meeting up with her a different places and this is this year he should not have control and that kind of power over Stephanie which is a grown adult and she wants to see her daughter she loves her daughter and they put him in a position of power over Stephanie to where he could use her when he wanted to which is sexual exploitation of an adult

  7. After I post it on here black dudes come to Melanie’s house looking for Stephanie Stephanie was laughing about John because I believe she was informed which I don’t find any of that funny over freezing to death out my house for the past 3 years and tonight that more than once taken advantage of Stephanie and diluted her mind about remaining married to a sex offender from 1995 and she said she didn’t remember when they were married she saying they were married twice Melanie said she was married at 16 and cross the county line to Missouri which I believe she married John Gardner cuz it was already molester in the house over there after Melanie had this child they say she’s 42 right now Melanie said what’s 16 but even when you count it back she’s still under 18 years old which is statutory right a Stephanie I don’t find nothing funny about that I believe Stephanie is tearing up that house because that is exactly where he did molest her and she never had treatment over it Stephanie was given the house by her father that died and it was put in the the daughter a Stephanie and John it is currently under 18 years old I’m at hopes that there be a conclusion to the things to where they be brought some kind of relief for Stephanie after being fed drugs underage did the statement of Melanie Swan the mother that she snuck off and married him in Missouri she only 16 with out the mothers permissions

  8. With anyone only getting parts of the story at one given time they forget to tell the whole story Melanie’s husband died out there Stephanie’s father which was not at the house of this event that is posted there was three out there at the house wood Gardner approach the house and did what he did he was in the house he was already with Stephanie the underage daughter cuz Melanie had a boyfriend there there was three in the house and how is Gardner saying this is his house when it clearly was not his house unless he been married Stephanie before 95 and her being in her forties right now which means what Melanie said was true he crossed the county line and then married her under age get across the city line Internet estate which is two felonies and he did it without the mother’s permission Melanie’s which is kidnapping so he committed statutory rape and kidnapping of a minor child that was already in this house the underage kid that he had in the past 18 years the child is under age even next year so they understand the whole thing there were three of the house when Garner approach the house Stephanie sister lives beside the house one of her sisters live behind the house of the distance off Melanie and them had to go hunt for Stephanie and get her away from this man and that come from Melanie and she told me word for word what I just read in this posting

  9. You told me you Stephanie was living in the house Melanie moved into the house Gardner and Stephanie already was separated CPS was involved then Gardner was not living in the house he married Stephanie to where he could get that house from her the house was willed to her daughter the word Gardener could not take the house so you’re looking before 95 which goes with what Melanie said the cross the county line without her permission and that she had to go hunt for her daughter and found her with him the cost of county line into Missouri and got married this County Jonesboro into the state of Missouri which is another felony

  10. Stephanie is 33 years of age she’s Ben married 14 years to John he was raping a miner under 18 years of age she’s in jail today Gardner hooked her on Drugs so he could molest Stephanie

  11. I ain’t got relationship with Stephanie I am trying to help her and whoever’s pulling around weather should be aware she’s got STDs let’s make that a lot harder to taking helping her never the ones that’s sleeping with her they got something may AJack’s ain’t got to take off now and Stephanie said there were fucking her not just about the house thing I think it has to do with money too because somebody’s got medical insurance taken out on her that she does not have right now her food stamps was canceled along with Medicaid if she had it so someone is paying for her medical they’ve exported Stephanie to where she ain’t got nothing else to take and give she don’t have money to can’t pay for anyting I believe they put the house in her name to save the house for a lawsuit that’s against them and the mother Melanie acts like she’s hiding that’s what she said want to go is the tags is on Barry’s truck next door then what tags her car that got a flat tire she can’t drive right now something happened to the brake light on the car and which they stopped Stephanie in the car on top of the brake light she has been suspended license so the mother and her boyfriend is playing Stephanie everybody else is playing Stephanie and they’re doing it because they know she has a mental condition she’s got court tomorrow at 1 and if that ain’t using somebody I don’t know what it is and that’s her mother and her boyfriend and whoever else is using her her mother said she ain’t getting money but I don’t know how she’s getting to see a doctor or anything else and her mother is broke the way she’s talking anyway she is so I’m sensing scam and they’re dumping the stuff on her daughter that’s mentally year old and got STDs now for them exploiting this minor so grown ass man could use her that she still married to Stephanie’s age is clearly shown today’s arrest in Jonesboro Arkansas she’s 33 she’s been married to John Gardner for 14 years which makes it 16 when he was screwing her if not younger What’s the statutory rape of a minor

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