Sex offender accused of felony attack with hammer

JONESBORO, Ark. – A level three registered sex offender was arrested for third degree domestic battery and second degree battery on allegations he hit a man with a hammer over the weekend.

The incident report begins Saturday night, August 3, when the Jonesboro Police Department responded to the 4800-block of Ingels Road over a fight involving weapons. At 10:57 PM, the officer arrived and observed a white male standing in the driveway shouting toward subjects on the front porch. The officer ordered the man to drop the board he was apparently carrying. He was detained.

Garner’s booking photo. Source: CCDC

The officer learned the man’s name was John M. Garner, 52, of Jonesboro. He ended up being the suspect, after the officer determined through further investigation that he was the aggressor, according to the incident report.

The female victim, 52, who resided at the address, said Garner pulled into the driveway and started screaming at her. She was on the front porch when she said he pushed her through the door and into the living room. She said he forced his way into the residence and headbutted her.

The male victim, 50, then got involved by grabbing a hammer and trying to force Garner out of the home but the report said Garner took the hammer away from him. He struck the victim in the head numerous times before the man got away and grabbed a knife. Garner left and stood by his truck before he was confronted by officers.

The male victim sustained injuries including lacerations, blunt force trauma, redness, swelling, bruising to his chest, back, both arms, and head. Injuries on the head were due to being struck by a hammer several times on the back side of the skull, the officer wrote.

The woman had redness and slight swelling to left side of her nose from being head butted, the officer reported.

Garner was arrested on charges of felony residential burglary and felony second degree battery (serious injury with a weapon), and third degree battery (a misdemeanor, for the headbutt). He remains in Craighead County Detention Center as of this post on a $250,000 bond.

Garner is registered as a level 3 sex offender living at the 90-bock of County Road 306, Jonesboro, dating back to a 1995 conviction for first degree carnal abuse. The sex crime involved a juvenile. He also has arrests and convictions for other offenses since then.

Garner’s 1995 photo.

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