Truck weight ordinance to be addressed

JONESBORO, Ark. – City officials are looking at clarifying a proposed ordinance to limit that adopts weight and size requirements for large trucks and determining truck routes with the city limits.

The ordinance was forwarded out of the City Council’s Public Works committee last week to full Council.

Mayor Harold Perrin said Monday he has received calls from residents who were confused by the language of the ordinance.

“I think we have a few things that are not clear,” Perrin said. “I think there is some confusion about what is and is not defined as a truck, for the purposes of this ordinance. Once we clear that up, I think people will like it.”

The issue has arisen because of certain streets that see excessive amounts of heavy trucks hauling materials in a couple parts of the city. Keller’s Chapel Road has been a particular concern because trucks have done severe and increasing damage on the southwest Jonesboro street.

The City Streets Department is repairing and repaving a stretch of Keller’s Chapel because of the problem.

“We’ve recognized that we don’t have appropriate ordinances to prevent this from happening again, and we have to get that corrected,” Perrin said. “But we want to get it right, too. So you can look for this ordinance to be amended.”

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