District Judge Adam Weeks Announces for Open Circuit Judge Position

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – A judge who hasn’t been afraid to stand up for what is right is looking to win higher office in the upcoming election.

District Judge Adam Weeks announced his candidacy for Circuit Judge, Division 1 in the 3rd Judicial District.  The position is currently held by Judge Tom Garner who cannot seek election to this particular seat.

“As Judge, I hold a piece of the public trust and I hand out decisions on behalf of members of our community in a fair and impartial manner,” said Weeks. “Serving as District Judge gives me the experience and temperament to become our next Circuit Judge. Circuit Judges preside over complex civil and criminal cases. Their rulings can have an immediate and profound impact on those who appear before the court, and sometimes the community as a whole.”

Judge Weeks grew up in Walnut Ridge and graduated from Walnut Ridge High School. Judge Weeks graduated from the University of Central Arkansas earning a BA in English, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Bowen School of Law.

“I take those responsibilities seriously because the power to make these decisions is not mine. They are the powers of the people of Arkansas and the laws they have created.  If elected, I promise never to forget that.”

Judge Weeks was elected as a Lawrence County District Judge in 2014, and prior to that was the owner of the Weeks Law Firm. Weeks has served as the City Attorney for Walnut Ridge and for the city of Hardy.  From 2000 to 2006, Weeks was a City Council Alderman for Conway. Prior to becoming an attorney, Judge Weeks worked at Hendrix College as the Assistant Director of Educational Media.

In 2018, as District Judge, Weeks threw out charges against railroad worker Adam Finley. These charges were falsified by the ex-police chief when Finley tried to file a complaint over police abuse during a traffic stop. Sadly, even prosecution tried to find a guilty verdict where guilt simply was not there. Although the world has since agreed with millions viewing the video, Adam Weeks was the first to agree and stop the miscarriage of justice from going on even further.

Adam Weeks lives with his wife Tasha and two daughters in Powhatan, Arkansas.

The 3rd Judicial District covers all of Jackson, Lawrence, Randolph, and Sharp counties. The non-partisan election is in March 2020.

Stan Morris contributed to this report.

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