16-year-old found in Trumann

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TRUMANN, Ark. – A teenager went missing last Friday night from Trumann. He was found Tuesday afternoon around 1:20 PM, his mother told NEA Report

James Presley, 16, of Craighead County, was last seen Friday evening after school. He was playing basketball around 7 or 8 PM, his father told NEA Report. This was in Trumann – and was the last time he was seen.

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The missing 16-year-old was found around 1:20 PM. He’s was in the custody of Trumann PD.

The boy slept one night on a school bus, one in the park on a bench and one night on top of the community center, the mom said to a reporter. He was found in the home of a friend’s by TPD. A tip through Facebook led to him being found.

A report was filed with Craighead County Sheriff’s Department but Trumann police and others in Poinsett County also assisted as needed.


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NEA Report interviewed the missing boy’s father on our live broadcast:

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