Trump spokesman was a Jonesboro news anchor

JONESBORO, Ark. – Hogan Gidley is a name heard nationwide as a member of the Trump Administration’s communication team. Whether he’s giving interviews on Fox or standing next to Sarah Huckabee-Sanders in the White House Briefing Room, Gidley has risen to one of the top press jobs in America.

Long before he reported to President Trump, he reported for KAIT in Jonesboro.

Born John Hogan Gidley in El Dorado, the Republican has worked his way up to the number two press job in America: Principle Deputy White House Press Secretary. And with reports last year of Sarah Huckabee-Sanders having had interest in departing, he could soon take over her job as the Press Secretary for the President of the United States.

Although it is mere speculation that he would take the job, if he did, Gidley would be the first former Jonesboro news anchor to ever hold that position. Many across “Region 8” knew him long before 2017. Before smart phones or even internet access for many, Gidley woke up sleepy-eyed viewers during Good Morning Region 8, KAIT’s morning news program.

Gidley also handled the “weatherman” duties during this time, on both GMR8 and Midday, the mid-morning news program now anchored by Diana Davis.

After leaving KAIT, Gidley made fateful choices that led him to work for Governor Mike Huckabee. This connection would be important. He was director of communications for Rick Santorum’s 2012 election, too.

He became a deputy press secretary for President Trump on Oct. 2017. In Nov. 2018, he replaced Raj Shah as principal deputy, making him number two behind Sanders.

As this story is published, Gidley holds that position. But as history has shown, White House jobs may come open at the drop of a red hat in this era.

Unlike previous administrations, the spokesperson for President Donald J. Trump becomes an overnight household name – not always positively, either. If Gidley inherits the job, he may expect to be parodied by Saturday Night Live, at a minimum, with possibilities for far more harsh criticisms coming online (and he dare not dine at The Red Hen). It may not always be fun for him if Gidley moves up the ladder once more.

At least for those watching from across NEA, a familiar face from 20 years ago is bound to spur many childhood memories.

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