Detective: Woman attempts to take two separate juveniles; arrested

JONESBORO, Ark. – NEA Report has obtained video of what appears to be an attempted kidnapping from earlier today at a gas station in Jonesboro.

Jonesboro Police are investigating two incidents that occurred earlier today where a woman appeared to be trying to take a juvenile female from a public area.

The first, seen below, happened at a gas station on Caraway Road. The child of the store employee is grabbed by the woman before the mother intervenes. This was Friday afternoon, Feb. 8.

A second incident reportedly happened later at The Mall at Turtle Creek, one source claimed.

In both incidents, she grabbed the juveniles by the arm as if to lead them away, but in both instances, the mothers of the children stepped in and stopped her. She was taken into custody after the second incident.

At this time, it is not clear her actual intent.

The suspect made statements at the scene of both incidents indicating that she believed the children to be in danger of being kidnapped and said she was just trying to protect them.

The suspect, 39 yr old Melanie Carter of Marked Tree, is being held on felony charges of Interference with Child Custody under a one million dollar bond at the CCDC.

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