Two suspects in vehicle break-ins arrested early Monday; one ODs

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man and woman were arrested after an early Sunday morning call to police in Jonesboro reporting vehicle break-ins. Cocaine, meth, and pills were found on the female suspect who reportedly overdosed.

At about 2 AM Sunday morning, Dec. 16, Officer Christopher Taylor of the Jonesboro Police Department was among the first dispatched to an address on Vine Street for a vehicle breaking or entering in progress. Another officer radioed that he saw a white male and white female on the same street on a motorcycle. Right as Officer Taylor turned west onto Nettleton, he saw a white 1996 Yamaha motorcycle turn east on Nettleton from Vine Street.

Taylor reported the motorcycle didn’t come to a stop at the stop sign, in addition to fitting the description of the subjects supposedly breaking into cars. He stopped the motorcycle, making contact with the driver, Thomas Cooper, 36, and his passenger, Felicia D. Fleming, 33, both of Jonesboro.

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As the JPD officer advised the two of why he was stopping them, he said Fleming cut him off, stating that she lost her ring and that’s why they were out on foot. She said they never got off the road but were walking around, attempting to find the ring she lost off of the motorcycle. While talking, she was putting her hands inside of her pockets and acting nervous according to the officer. He asked if either were on probation or parole and both said they were.

Officer Christopher Pigg arrived to keep an eye on Fleming while Cooper was searched by Officer Taylor. Cooper was discovered to be an absconder and driving on a suspended license. He was arrested and a hold placed on him for his probation officer.

Officer Pigg’s report said he watched Fleming pull a small clear bag of white powder out and drop it to the ground. It was tested positive as cocaine. The officer handcuffed her before finding, in her closed hand, a folded paper wrapper with what appeared to be methamphetamine inside. While the officers were able to catch these two attempts to hide evidence, it was what they didn’t see that put the female suspect in the hospital.

At 2:42 AM, just before arriving at the jail, she reached into her bra, pulled out more drugs, and began to chew on them. After the footage was reviewed, it appeared she had been chewing something from the start, police later said, but they didn’t notice it at the time. They learned it at about 4:30 AM, when she was being transported to St. Bernard’s Emergency Room for overdosing. She was reported to have admitted to chewing up pills.

Police plan to charge her with felony tampering with physical evidence in addition to felony possession charges for the drugs. A probation hold was also placed on her.

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