Juveniles Arrested in Arson Burglary Case

On 8 October 2018, the Jonesboro Fire Department Engine Companies 2, 4 and 5 and Truck Company 2 and 4, were dispatched to a residential fire at 2117 Harrisburg Rd. Prior to fire crews arriving, a family member of the home owner went into the residence, and was injured.  Fire teams went into the residence and found the victim who was taken to a local hospital. While battling the fire, the companies found evidence which prompted an arson investigation.

The on the 9th of October, members of Fire Marshall’s Division began an investigation, while on scene they noticed signs of forced entry into the home, while inside they found that the home was ransacked and vandalized.  While on scene the following day investigating, Fire Marshalls saw three juveniles walking around in the area during school hours which lead them to contact the juveniles.

Upon contacting the juveniles, they found them to be in possession of several firearms and other items which lead them to believe there was a recent theft.  The Marshalls then contacted Jonesboro Police Department.  The Fire Department and Police Department followed up and found a burglary in the area.  During the investigation, evidence was found that tied the three suspects to the fire on Harrisburg Road.

Arrests were made on the three juveniles, one of which will be charged as an adult.  Gabriel Walton, 17 of Jonesboro, was charged with Arson, Burglary and theft and is being held in lieu of a $250,000.00 bond.  The other two were remanded to the custody of the Juvenile Department.

The case is ongoing. The victim of the fire is still in critical condition at this time.

For further information contact Division Chief Jason Wills at 870-932-2428.

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