Hoxie Water employee charged with felony theft

Credit: Thomas R Machnitzki (thomas-at-machnitzki.com)

HOXIE, Ark. – An investigation spanning several months has resulted in a felony charge for a previous Hoxie Water Department employee accused of stealing money from the public.

Keri Smith is facing a class C felony for theft of property greater than $5,000, Mayor Lanny Tinker confirmed on Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 12, 2018. Smith is the wife of current Hoxie Police Chief Glenn Smith.

This pertains to improprieties discovered on the books for Hoxie water earlier this year. Tinker informed the public of the investigation in May.

Tinker issued a statement regarding the charge.

As previously reported by news agencies, the City of Hoxie discovered possible discrepancies in Hoxie Water Department funds in March, 2018. The city commissioned an independent audit of water/sewer accounts. The city notified the Arkansas Legislative Audit, Prosecuting Attorney Henry Boyce who then notified the State Police.

We recently learned the former employee has been charged in the Circuit Court of Lawrence County, Arkansas with Theft of Property > $5000 < $25,000 said offense being a CLASS C FELONY.

Any questions regarding criminal charges should be directed to the prosecuting attorney office.

Mayor Lanny Tinker

Smith was arrested Wednesday, Sept. 12 and taken to the Lawrence County Jail. Records show she posted bond and was release the same day.

The former Hoxie Water Department clerk is accused of stealing over $20,000 in cash payments dating back to the month she was hired – October, 2017. Customers who made payments in cash would find the amount deducted from their account. However, the money wasn’t going into department accounts. Instead, Smith is alleged to have kept the cash while deducting the same from the customer’s account.

The probable cause affidavit claims Smith confessed to the crimes.

In March, 2018, Tinker notified his city council of “alleged improprieties,” and media outlets became aware shortly thereafter. State auditors performed their investigation and discovered the missing funds, leading to Smith’s arrest.

She’s scheduled to be in court again on October 3.


  1. Imagine that ! Im sure the cheif had a hand in it to. I know I heard a conversation with someone I wont name, he was asking for money. Said he had himself in a jam. Can Daddy Dennis Truxler pay her out of this one ?? Im sure. This conversation I heard was over 5 months ago. I have left Arkansas. I never want to go back. What a sewer hole.

    • Let’s talk about the chief of police! He is so arrogant he doesn’t even try to hide how crooked he is, he’s a meth head,drunk and thief he uses his authority to take things from people such as campers and boats if they don’t comply he conveniently finds drugs on them,he takes drugs from dealers and let’s them go. He has had THREE PEOPLE TURN STATES EVIDENCE ON HIM,yet he’s still a “officer of the law” I personally asked the mayor why he was still employed,he had no answer. I have been harassed by glen Smith and his son who is a officer as well. The entire police department and mayor are crupt. It’s well known I hired an attorney from Jonesboro who had a private investigator going around in hoxie watching glen! Glen’s underage son (at the time) actually called this investigators license plate in to see who this man was,that’s a fraction of the things they do in hoxie. Glen had to be told by the state police he could not at anytime pull me over ! I was being harassed by glen Smith and son because he broke in and stole a very valuable “item” from our garage. We couldn’t prove it because not one person would stand up against hoxie they knew they would have to move or be caught up in a drug scam, glen has no problem planting drugs on people that go against him. I’m positive he made his wife take the job and the money she was just stupid and most likely scared of him. Gene Mathews must have been glen’s hero !

  2. Pamela Lawson, well good riddance. The actions of a few do not describe the whole. Sometimes you have to get rid of garbage, sometimes it takes itself out.

  3. Glenn Smith has done this with his past too wifes too. crooked cop for sure. i bet he got the money that was stole

  4. They need to check the chiefs place of employment and do an in depth audit on Hoxie Police Department’s past purchases. He’s just as guilty as she is. Birds of a feather flock together

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